Started feeling the chill in the air? With the holiday season around the corner, you have only a little time left to winterize your home! Scheduling a weekend to prepare your home inside and out can make your winter weather more comfortable, affordable and ecologically friendly. Here are a few energy-savvy home maintenance tips to follow before winter does its worst.

Replace Old Furnace

Choosing an adequate furnace is the prime duty of every resident to heat up their home and escape from the freezing weather. Since your furnace has not been used for the better part of the year, you want to make sure that it can deliver sufficient heating during our cold winters. So, don’t wait till the onset of the winter to switch on it. You should also check for any damage or carbon monoxide leaks and get it fixed by a leading furnace repair service in St Louis. Also, if your furnaces are older than a decade, they can drag down household energy efficiency dramatically. Replacing such equipment could make a big difference in your monthly utility bills.

Seal Leaks in Furnace

The common cause for furnace leak is improper fitting of sheet metal joints. These air leaks can make your furnaces inefficient and leads to high utility bills. So, these leaks should be properly sealed for optimum efficiency. Use an air leak detector to locate the leaks and get it fixed by a HVAC professional for better results.

Protect Your Air Conditioning System

Winter is the time for your air conditioning system to enjoy the much needed respite. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore it, because, the outdoor components of your air-conditioning system can be damaged by debris, moisture build-up and repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles. So, the first thing you do is, turn off the power, thoroughly clean the condenser, keep it dry and cover it with a tarp.

Winterize Water Heater

If you are living in a place subjected to high freezing temperatures, and you have a tankless water heater that is not used for a longer period of time then it’s important to protect the unit from cold weather conditions. Shut off the water valve, drain and release the pressure from the plumbing system to avoid surprise leaks and any damages to building.


Humidifiers are great for you for number of reasons but they should be cleaned regularly and well-maintained for better results. Use demineralized water to avoid bacterial growth and mold formation around your home. Make cleaning humidifiers as a regular part of your routine and change filters regularly with the help of an expert. Also, measure the humidity level of your room using a hygrometer since too much humidity can be problematic.

Moreover, getting an annual maintenance service MO is the best way to avoid breakdowns, improve performance and maximize energy efficiency. If you aren’t sure about the essential winterization techniques, contact your local HVAC contractor in St. Louis MO now!

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