Always consider the size of your air conditioning unit before getting one. Buying a unit that is too large is not going to help, as it will not cool an area uniformly. Moreover, it will cause the air conditioner to frequently turn on and off, as it would cool down the area too quickly. This will waste both your money and electricity as well. Similarly, avoid buying too small units too as they would not cool the area sufficiently, despite making it run constantly.


Energy efficiency should be one of your top priorities when you are about to purchase a new air conditioning. Irrespective of the price, capacity or advanced features, energy efficiency of the unit should never be overlooked. Room air conditioners come with Energy Star labels that provide vital information on its energy efficiency. It is true that an energy efficient machine will be priced comparatively higher, but it’s worth every penny paid. This is due to the fact that high efficiency machines are less expensive to operate, consuming lesser energy with optimum performance.


Installation is just as important as purchasing your preferred air conditioning unit. Whether you are installing the unit by yourself or getting the help of a professional, make sure you follow the appropriate installation guidelines of your manufacturer carefully. Always install the unit on a shaded area in your house, because direct exposure to sunlight can reduce the efficiency of your equipment. If you already have a system installed, shade it using shading equipment.

Never hide the unit behind shrubbery. If you do so, it disrupts the flow of air from the unit’s exhaust, thereby lowering its efficiency. Getting adequate air circulation is very important to maintain the energy efficiency of the unit. Get the help of a professional to see if your home’s electrical system matches with the power requirements of your air conditioning unit.

4.Routine Maintenance:

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit counts a lot in maintaining the operating efficiency of the system. Examine the air filter of your system once every month and make replacements whenever necessary. Not to forget cleaning the air filters more often. Clean air filters will reduce the consumption of energy by up to 15%.

Proper Installation and routine maintenance is the key towards having an efficiently working air conditioning system and bringing down electricity bills. Also hire a heating and cooling company in St. Louisto service and maintain your heating and cooling equipment.

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