When a cold evening descends on our area it is a great feeling to be able to turn on a heater and warm things back up indoors. Sometimes a sweater and cozy socks simply aren’t enough and you need some backup, and that is exactly what your heater is for. You may run into a problem, however, if you’re heater starts to make a ruckus when you turn it on.

No heater is made to be silent—in fact, a heater that is operating without any noise is one that likely isn’t operating at all. However, there are plenty of sounds that your heating system should not make. Here are some scary sounds that your heater might be making that indicate you need to schedule repairs for your Wildwood, MO HVAC system.

3 Noises You Never Want Your Heater to Make

These are some of the sounds that your heater might be creating that indicate it is time to call for professional repairs today.

  1. Booming: Doe you have a furnace that sounds like it is creating small explosions while it is running? We’d suggest turning your heater off first if this is the case. What may be happening is that there is built-up dirt and debris in the burners causing a delay in the ignition of the gas in your system. When the gas finally does ignite, it is creating a hefty amount of combustion, creating this noise. While your furnace isn’t going to fall apart because of this issue, it will significantly strain the system and can lead to an early replacement if it isn’t addressed in time.
  2. Hissing: You may hear a hissing noise from either your heat pump or a gas-powered furnace. Hissing from your heat pump is going to indicate a leak that is located in the section of the refrigerant line where the substance is in a gaseous state. A refrigerant leak is rapidly going to worsen the condition of your heat pump so we strongly advise shutting your system off before it gets worse. The same applies to a hissing furnace except the issue is far more serious. A hissing furnace is one that may be leaking gas which can be a huge safety and health problem. If you have a hissing furnace turn off your system immediately end call a professional for assistance.
  3. Scraping or screeching: These are pretty agravating noises and that can be a good thing if only because it encourages people to reach out for repairs sooner. These sounds are created by metal scraping against metal. This can be caused by loose fan blades craping around this house, a motor belt that needs lubrication, bad motor bearings, or other issues within your system.

These are just a few noises that your heating system may make if it is battling against a repair need. The best course of action to take is to reach out to a professional to check out your furnace or heat pump and address any necessary repairs.

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