You may already know that we promote annual air conditioning tune-ups for your system. But what’s the big deal with maintenance? You can keep reading to learn more about the 5 benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in annual AC maintenance.

Then, give our team a call to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Florissant, MO. Now is a great time to invest in your air conditioner before the heat of summer sets in. It’s especially important if you did not schedule an AC tune-up over the fall or winter seasons.

Benefit #1: Energy Efficiency

One of the most tangible benefits of annual air conditioning maintenance is that your air conditioner uses less energy to operate. And when your AC is using less energy, your monthly energy costs decrease. Keep in mind that when you invest in annual AC maintenance, you may not actually see a huge decrease on your energy bills.

However, you also won’t see the steady increase that you would otherwise experience if you skipped out on AC maintenance. This is because over time your air conditioner can lose energy efficiency. But with AC maintenance you help to win some of that efficiency back so you can spend less on energy over the life of your unit.

Benefit #2: Fewer Repairs

It’s very stressful to be suddenly faced with an AC breakdown and have to make a quick decision. Do you repair the unit? Do you replace the unit? Do you have time to get a second opinion? But you can avoid this scenario entirely by investing in annual maintenance.

Our team can tweak your AC and keep it running at its best so that you don’t have to worry about emergency repairs down the road. We identify and fix problems before you even know they are there. It’s a great practice for addressing small problems so that you can prevent larger ones months or years from now.

Benefit #3: Peace of Mind

You cannot put a price on peace of mind. When you have our team come out and inspect your air conditioner every year, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about safety concerns. All of the electrical, gas, and refrigerant components are in great working order. You’re less likely to experience leaks or electrical fires because your air conditioner is always in peak condition. If any problems do arise, our team can fix them before they become hazards to your home or family’s health.

Benefit #4: Air Quality

During maintenance appointments, our team will also clean away dust and dirt that find their way into your system. Even with the best air filter, these particles can make their way through the smallest holes or cracks. If we can identify a place where dirt can get into your air conditioning system, we will repair those holes after cleaning up your unit. Ductwork is often the biggest culprit of this because of the number of seams that connect individual pieces of ductwork.

Benefit #5: Lifespan

Investing in maintenance diligently, year after year, means that your AC will hopefully last a bit longer than what is considered average. If most air conditioners last 10-15 years, you should expect yours to make it to 15 years. Keep in mind that this means investing in maintenance every single year, even when your AC is new and it seems like everything is working great. Don’t wait to fix problems after they become obvious. By then, the damage has already been done.

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