We still have a couple of months until we see true warm weather. Until the temperature starts to rise, it is advisable to keep your heater in prime working order. To that end, we need to talk about whether or not your heater is actually in good condition.

Needing a heater repair in O’Fallon, MO isn’t always apparent just because you no longer have any heat in your home. There are other warning signs to watch for that will warn you when your heater needs professional repairs. This way you can avoid a full breakdown by getting the issues addressed before it becomes a bigger problem.

5 Warning Signs Of Heater repairs

Getting heater repairs knocked out is something you shouldn’t ever wait on. Even if you won’t run your heater all that much in the next month or two, you shouldn’t wait until next fall to address problems. Doing so would only increase the chances of a full breakdown!

Here are the signs that you should watch for that will tell you if and when your heater needs expert repairs.

  1. Concerning noises: There isn’t a heater in the world that doesn’t make some noise while it is in operation. But this doesn’t mean that every sound your heater makes is a normal one. If you notice that your heater has started to make sounds like rattling, banging, booming, hissing, clicking, or screeching, you should reach out for repairs.
  2. Uneven heating: Walk around your house and see if there are certain rooms that don’t seem to be getting heat. This may indicate your heater is having trouble heating the home evenly. This may be due to a problem with your ductwork, a faulty air handler, or a broken fan. Whatever the cause, a professional will get to the root of it.
  3. Increased energy bills: Your energy bills should remain about the same each month. A sharp increase or steady increase when you haven’t changed your usage is a sign of a problem. You may have an issue in your system that needs addressing to restore maximum efficiency again.
  4. Short cycling: Another sign of heater trouble is short cycling. Interrupted or shortened heating cycles can indicate any number of problems from a clogged air filter to a dirty heat exchanger or a clogged burner. Make sure to have a professional check your heater out to restore its full functionality again.
  5. Bad smells: Last but not least, make sure to take note of any weird smells you notice when running your heater. The smell of burning dirt that sticks around for days may indicate your heater needs a new filter or have dirt in your system burners. The smell of burning electrical parts may indicate a problem with wires or connections. And, if you have a gas furnace, be on high alert for the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur as this may indicate a gas leak.

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