You deserve to stay cool during summer. That said, this summer may prove to give everyone a run for their money with the heatwaves that are being predicted. This may send a chill up your spine (sorry for the irony) simply because of the thought of how all that heat will increase your energy bill.

We don’t think that you should have to fear your monthly energy bill nor should you have to go without any cool air this summer. That is why we want to give you the tools necessary to ensure you can keep your home cool without having to use up your life savings to cover the costs.

When it comes to getting your air conditioning system in O’Fallon, MO to work efficiently, you can rely on us to help.

5 Ways to Boost Your AC System’s Efficiency

It’s one thing to have an air conditioner that operates, it’s another to have one that does so efficiently. Efficiency can have a major impact on your ability to keep your home comfortable. Here are some easy ways that you can improve the efficiency of your system this summer.

1. Keep things darker indoors this summer.

Sunlight can brighten up a room but that also means it is heating it up at the same time. One of the easier ways to keep things cool is to use your curtains, blinds, and shades to block sunlight from the rooms that get it the most. This way temperatures in your home stay lower which eases the strain on your AC and can even reduce how often it has to run.

2. Clean that air filter

Your air filter is made to capture dust and dirt to keep these particles out of your AC unit’s internal components. Make sure to check your air filter every one to three months. If the filter is packed with debris, change it out for a clean one to keep the airflow into your system strong.

3. Check your vents are clean and clear.

Your AC provides cool air that is pumped into your home through yout ductwork and vents. If you have your vents closed or even if they are just blocked with debris, funiture, or plants, it will hinder the ability to cool your home. This also adds strain onto your AC and forces it to work harder. Keep those vents clean, clear, and open!

4. Keep the thermostat setting reasonable.

Cranking down the temperature on your AC might feel good for your soul but it isn’t going to do you much good physically. Your thermostat can only cool the home about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature and often that is pushing it. The Department of Energy suggests keeping your thermostat set to about 78 degrees during the summer for optimal comfort and system efficiency.

5. Take care of your air conditioner.

Last but not least, make sure to address any issues in your AC system right away. We know getting repairs for your system may seem less than appealing but the sooner you knock them out the better it will be for your system and your monthly bills as a whole. A system in need of repairs will only get worse and cost more than longer it is ignored.

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