Running your air conditioner on a hot day can feel like a necessity to keep you sane. If you have young children or elderly family in the house, that AC can actually be vital to keeping up their health. But none of this is going to make you feel better if using your system is destroying your budget.

You need an air conditioner in O’Fallon, MO to operate both effectively and efficiently. Having one without the other wipes away most of the benefits of having this system. Let’s look at some of the different ways that you can ensure your air conditioner operates with the best energy efficiency level possible this summer.

1. Keeps doors and windows closed

Leaving the doors and windows open in your home would allow hot air outside of the home in, making things harder on your AC. Keep your home closed up in order to prevent higher energy bills created by an AC having to run harder than normal.

2. Address air leaks quickly

An open window isn’t the only thing that can let in the heat. You should also check for any air leaks around those doors and windows. If you discover any air leaks, you’ll want to make sure to seal them to reduce the amount of heat getting in and driving up your need for your AC.

3. Raise the temperature on the thermostat

We aren’t saying you should keep the house sweltering hot. Instead just keep the thermostat at a higher temperature, between 75 and 78°, to enjoy a home that is comfortable without driving up your energy bills by trying to keep your home colder than it needs to be.

4. Change your system’s filter

You need a clean air filter in your AC system in order to keep dust out of the system without hindering the flow of air into it. Make sure to check and change your air filter regularly, every one to three months, to keep the airflow clean and strong. This keeps your AC efficient and can actually help prevent some repair needs.

5. Use your fans

Using your home’s fans can help you feel cooler, which can allow you to turn your thermostat up. This can reduce your energy usage throughout the day which reduces your bills too.

6. Change clothes!

We realize this may feel silly but it can make a big difference to change into light, cooler clothing. This helps you regulate your body temperature and feel cooler. When you feel cooler you can raise the thermostat a bit, reducing your energy use.

7. Schedule maintenance and repairs promptly

We’ve addressed all of the things that you can do around your home to reduce your use of your AC and lower your energy use too. But what can you do for your air conditioner itself? Make sure to schedule your expert maintenance each year and also schedule repairs for your AC promptly when you notice a problem with the system.

We can help you get the best effectiveness and efficiency from your air conditioner. Contact Swiss Air Heating & Cooling, LLC to book an appointment. Warm People Cool Ideas Quality Solutions.

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