Getting a reliable flow of warm air throughout your home shouldn’t be a noisy or trouble-filled endeavor. If you find that you are fighting to get enough heat to keep things even mildly comfortable, you’d likely benefit from a heating repair in Hazelwood, MO.

But are there warning signs that you can watch for that will let your know a bit ahead of time that something is up with your heater? We are happy to say yes! One of the warning indicators to watch for–or rather, to listen for–will be any of the following noises.

The Noises a Working Heater Shouldn’t Make

Yes, there are noises that are normal to hear from a heater and noises that aren’t. Hearing really anything aside from the usual whoosh of air from the system and perhaps some ductwork shifting as it contracts and expands is cause for concern. But that is a wide range of sounds to worry about. Let’s break down the noises that you will most want to be on alert for.

  • Rattling or Clanging: Does it sound like there is a ghost rattling chains around your house? The far-more-likely cause is that something is loose in your heater. In some cases, a loose blower door can be the cause of the noise. In other cases, loose bolts or screws can create these sounds. Whatever the cause, you’ll need a technician to examine your system so that they can identify the source of the noise and address it.
  • Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the healthy whoosh of air you are supposed to hear from your heater. A hissing noise means trouble. In a heat pump or ductless heater, hissing can indicate a leak in the refrigerant line of the system. In a furnace, hissing may be a sign of a crack in the heat exchanger which allows combustion gas to leak out during operation. Both of these are problems that require prompt repairs.
  • Bubbling: Does it sound like something is bubbling inside of your heat pump or ductless HVAC system? This isn’t normal either! Bubbling is a likely indicator of a refrigerant line leak. The noise is created when air bubbles get into the part of the line where the refrigerant is in liquid form.
  • Screeching: Yikes, this sound is hair-raising! Hopefully, though this just encourages you to get repairs for your system ASAP. What you are hearing is the sound of metal scraping against metal, caused by things like a dry blower motor belt or dry motor bearings.
  • Booming: Last but certainly not least, we want to warn you about a booming noise. This is a sound you might hear from a gas-powered furnace and it means big trouble. Booming is created by a delay in the ignition of the gas in your furnace. This delay causes gas to collect and, when it finally ignites, it creates a small explosion that causes that booming noise and a large amount of strain on your furnace. Make sure to get this sound checked out quickly before the repair becomes a replacement.

Having trouble with a noisy heater? Get your maintenance or repairs scheduled today!

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