The quality of the air in your home plays a bigger role than you might realize in your home comfort. Over time, dirty airflow can reduce the operation of your HVAC system, leaving you uncomfortable and jacking up the price of your monthly energy bills. And not to mention the impact on your allergies!

Your indoor air quality is highly important. And it may be worse than you think. In fact, on average the air quality inside of homes throughout the United States can be far worse than the air quality outdoors. So how do you fix the problem?

With our help! Read on to discover how we can help you address any issues you may be having with your indoor air quality in O’Fallon, MO.

How to Tell Your Indoor Air Quality Needs Improvement

“Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken!”

It is a common phrase that we all understand. But you should get help with your air quality if you have a problem! Here’s how to tell that there is an issue with your indoor air quality:

  • You notice increased respiratory issues or allergy symptoms
  • Dusting around the house is an increasing and consistent issue
  • Airflow out of your vents has gotten weaker and dirtier
  • The operation of your HVAC system has worsened but your bills have increased.
  • Mold growth throughout the house and illness in the home’s residents have increased

How to Address Indoor Air Quality Problems In Your Home

  • Add an air filtration system: An air filtration system isn’t the same as an air filter. This system is made to clean up the air you receive, not the air that enters your heater. This system uses a permeable membrane to capture dust and other debris to remove them from the air in your home.
  • Consider an air purification system: Air purification systems use electricity or UV light to help clean up your airflow a little bit more. Usually used in tandem with an air filter, air purifiers are able to remove or destroy a wide variety of contaminants in your home’s air including mold spores, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Check out a Heat Recovery Ventilator: A heat recovery ventilator is going to help bring fresh air into your home without compromising your comfort. It does this by using energy already in your home’s airflow to preheat (or precool in the summer) the fresh air it brings into the house.
  • Have your ductwork checked out: Lastly, make sure to have a professional check out your ductwork. Leaks or holes in your ducts let heated and filtered air out and, worse, allowing dirty air into the home. What’s more, dirty ducts can be a serious hindrance to your indoor air quality. Duct sealing and duct cleaning will help to improve the air quality in your ducts and your home.

You need great air quality indoors to enjoy the best possible comfort level. Make sure to come to our team for service to ensure that you get the work you need.

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