Facing the summer heat without a working air conditioner is a less than pleasant prospect. Thankfully it is an avoidable one. For starters, regular maintenance each year will help ensure your system operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. When maintenance isn’t enough though, you should absolutely schedule repair services with our team of experts.

So, whether you’ve gotten maintenance this season or not, maybe you are finding yourself wondering if you need AC repairs in O’Fallon, MO. It isn’t always obvious when something is wrong with your AC and you certainly want to address the problem before it causes a full breakdown. We are big proponents of prompt repair so we want to give you a quick list of five signs that your AC system needs repairs sooner than later.

5 Indicators You Should Schedule AC Repairs

You want to get your system repaired sooner than later to prevent the issue from getting worse. But how do you know you need repairs? Watch out for these warning signs.

  1. Your AC is getting noisy. The only noise you should really hear from your air conditioner should be the steady whoosh of air exiting the vents and entering your home. Noises besides this are usually a sign of trouble. Some of the most common warning noises that you will hear include rattling, hissing, bubbling, screeching, and clanging.
  2. The system is producing warmer air. Have you picked up on the fact that something feels off with the air your AC is producing? Make sure to check the thermostat to see that it is set correctly and no one has changed the temperature. If you find that the thermostat is not the source of the problem then it is likely you need repairs for an AC that is unable to properly cool down the air in your home.
  3. Airflow from the vents is weak. The strength of the flow of air into your home is going to be just as important as the temperature. If your air conditioner is producing cool air but there is barely anything coming from your vents you won’t be able to get comfortable no matter how long it runs. Likewise weak air flow is going to indicate there is a lot of extra strain on your system.
  4. You notice an increase in your energy bills. To be fair energy bills that are increasing slightly can be an indicator that you need maintenance. However if you have gotten maintenance already this year, then a spike in your energy bills is not normal and is a sign that you need repairs. The same applies to if you have skipped maintenance for more than a year.
  5. There are hot spots in the house. Hot spots are going to be a definite sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Essentially the presence of a hot spot means that there or parts of your home your air conditioner is unable to cool down. Whether this is due to ductwork issues or a deeper issue within the system itself professional repairs are going to be the best solution.

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