There are plenty of factors that can impact your ability to keep warm this winter, not the least of which is having a working heater in your home. Having a well-sealed home can be helpful too since it keeps all the warm air inside of your house too. The issue we want to discuss today actually has to do with that air you are keeping in your home. Specifically, we want to discuss the humidity level in the house.

We know we are coming out of the summer season when humidity is viewed as the enemy. Well, it is time that we flip that idea on its head because for the next few months humidity can actually be a great help in keeping you warm. Let’s discuss why dry air can be problematic during the colder months of the year and the technology that we can add to your Ballwin, MO HVAC system that can address it.

What Humid Air Can Do

Humidity refers to the concentration of moisture in the air. This impacts your comfort because moisture is great at holding onto heat. An especially humid day during summer can prove to be rather uncomfortable because of the fact that the extra moisture in the air holds heat and makes it far harder to cool off. Aren’t you glad things will be cooling off soon?

Here’s the thing, as temperatures drop you don’t actually want the humidity to just disappear. While less airborne moisture is better for comfort, too little humidity can be just as uncomfortable, especially when it is cold out. If the air in your home is too dry, it can leave you feeling too cold along with creating other problems like skin irritation and higher risks of sickness.

Yes, humid air can make things uncomfortable during periods of high heat but it can also be a factor that ensures your overall comfort. When it comes to humidity, balance is the key.

Reaching Ideal Humidity Levels

When dealing with humidity levels in your home, you want to reach a good balance, rather than looking for extremes of too much or too little. The ideal humidity level is going to be between 30 to 50%. Within this range things won’t be too humid, making it hard to cool off, or too dry, leaving you dried out and cold. And the second half of this is the part that we are focusing on right now–temperatures are about to start dropping so keeping yourself warm is the increasing priority.

You can’t control the humidity level outside of course but thankfully you can change things up within your home. With the help of a humidifier this season, you can add moisture to the air in your home to reach an ideal comfort level. When this system is installed and maintained by a professional it can provide you with perfectly balanced humidity levels, ensuring your comfort during the coldest months.

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