You know that air conditioner maintenance is important, but you may still feel like skipping out on it here and there over the life of your air conditioner. But even skipping out on air conditioning maintenance once or twice can have a major impact on your AC’s energy efficiency and lifespan.

Do you need a refresher on why air conditioning maintenance is so important for the system? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of professional air conditioner maintenance and then give our team a call for AC maintenance in O’Fallon, MO.

AC Lifespan

One of the greatest benefits of air conditioning maintenance is that you can extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. The average air conditioner will last for about 10-15 years. However, this estimate only applies to ACs that receive regular maintenance. Some ACs last closer to 20 years.

Unmaintained air conditioners will possibly need to be replaced closer to the 10-year mark. The difference between air conditioners that need to be replaced sooner and those that last a long time is maintenance–both homeowner and professional.

Just think, if you get an extra 5-7 years out of your air conditioner, you’re getting that much more out of your initial investment. If you own your home for a lifetime, that can mean the difference in having to replace your air conditioner less frequently over the decades, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Energy Efficiency

One argument for skipping out on air conditioning maintenance is the expense. We understand that scheduling an AC maintenance appointment does cost money. But instead of thinking of it as an expense, we encourage you to think of it as an investment in your air conditioner. You stand to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of your air conditioner in energy savings.

Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to maintain energy efficiency so that your air conditioner does not slow down or lose effectiveness over the years. Instead of having energy bills that slowly creep up as the years go by, you can enjoy more steady rates. Of course, your energy use will fluctuate from month to month, but that is completely normal. What you don’t want to see is energy use that steadily goes up month after month without an explanation.

AC Repairs

Investing in air conditioner maintenance is also a great way to prevent potential repairs in the future. When you take care of your air conditioner all along, you’re less likely to have major problems or surprise breakdowns. And let’s face it, those problems can cost you so much more than AC maintenance ever will.

That’s because being proactive is better than being reactive. When you wait and react to repairs as they pop up, you face the potential for more damage (and higher expenses!) than if you had fixed problems earlier on. Taking care of smaller problems costs less time and money than waiting until there are big problems.

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