What does your heater sound like? Depending on the type of system you have, the core noise that would heater makes during operation may differ slightly but in most cases, a “whoosh” is probably a good descriptor.

Now we have to ask what does your heater sound like right now? Does it sound the same as it always does? Or has it started to make some worrying new sounds?

“What Noises Are A Bad Sign In My Heater?”

When it comes to taking care of your heater, the best thing that you can do for it (besides regular maintenance) is schedule prompt heating repair in O’Fallon, MO when your system encounters an issue.

1. Hissing

Hissing is a problem in any kind of heating system. In heat pumps or ductless units, hissing can indicate a refrigerant leak which can tank your home comfort. In a furnace, this can be an even bigger problem as hissing can indicate a gas leak, likely from a cracked heat exchanger which can be dangerous. In either case, make sure to reach out for repairs ASAP.

2. Screeching

Does it sound like your system is screaming at you? This screeching or squealing sound make be an indicator of metal scraping against metal inside your system. This may be from a blower motor belt or a loose fan blade. Whatever the root cause, it isn’t a pleasant sound and it isn’t good news. Make sure to have your system checked out if you hear this sound.

3. Booming

If you have a gas-powered furnace, a booming noise may be caused by a problem with delayed ignition. However, loud booming noises can also be caused in other types of ducted systems by sizing issues–specifically systems that are oversized. Sizing issues or delayed ignition problems are both worth a call to professionals.

4. Rattling

Does it sound like there is something rattling around in your system? Loose parts create a ruckus and can create a need for added repairs too. Contact us today to get this sound identified and fixed.

5. Silence

Last but certainly not least, don’t just write off an eerily quiet heater either. A heater that isn’t creating any sounds at all, not even the sound of air passing through it, is one that isn’t working at all. Heaters aren’t silent systems so if yours isn’t responding to you, make sure to reach out for repairs.

6. Clicking

In a furnace or a heat pump system, you may hear a bit of clicking upon the start-up of your system. However, if the clicking lasts throughout the heating cycle, then you have a problem on your hands that requires expert assessment.

Not sure if the sound your hearing is a problem? Leave it to our professional technicians to help out. We can help you discover what the issue is and get it fixed quickly. Our goal is to help keep you comfortable at a reasonable cost!

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