Leaks in any part of your plumbing system are bad news. A leak in your water heater can feel catastrophic. This isn’t a leak you can just patch… or can you?

A problem with your water heater, such as a leak, could be grounds for either a water heater repair in Florissant, MO or a replacement. We can help you determine the difference between what you need and then provide the expertise to get the job done.

When a Leaking Water Heater Is Fixable

Water heaters of any variety need electrical and/or fuel lines connected to them to help them run and warm water for your home. They also have pipes that send that hot water out. These can leak.

Obviously, if you have a gas-powered water heater, a gas leak is bad news. Picking up on the smell of rotten eggs around your water heater is well worth a call to one of our plumbers to see if you need to get a leak patched.

The pipes that feed hot water into your home may need some assistance too. Leaks can appear over time due to wear and tear from regular use. When a hot water pipe, joint, or connection starts to leak, it can cause damage to your home along with undermining your hot water supply. Thankfully these types of leaks are usually repairable.

When You Need to Replace Your Leaking Water Heater

When you have a water heater that develops a leak in its tank, it means that you need to replace the system. There is a part within your water heater that is made to attract corrosion to help prevent it from impacting your tank and creating a leak. However, older systems may still end up developing a leak in the tank. Sadly, this isn’t a fixable problem and will warrant a full water heater replacement.

Choosing Your Next Water Heater?

Need a water heater replacement? Then you can trust our team to help. We work with both tank and tankless water heaters so you can always choose the best option for your home. We also work with heat pump water heaters.

When the time comes for you to select your next water heater, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • How many people and appliances need hot water?
  • How many levels are there in the house?
  • What fuel or energy source are you trying to use?
  • Where do you want the water heater to be?
  • How much water and energy do you want to save?

Considering questions like these can make the selection process that much easier and faster. Then, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with our team to get your old water heater removed and the new one set up and installed properly.

Let’s work together to ensure you have a water heater that you can trust.

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