Not all water heaters are made the same. At the same time, not every water heater is the right fit for every home. If you haven’t considered if a tankless water heater in O’Fallon, MO is the right fit for your home, today may be a good day to do so. These systems are known for meeting a home’s hot water demands while offering great energy efficiency and other perks.

But is a tankless system the one that you should choose for your home?

We’ll explain below what the benefits of a tankless water heater are and how to tell if one would be the right choice for you.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

While a storage tank water heater keeps gallons of water heated and ready for use, a tankless system runs only when you need it.

What happens is this: You turn on a hot water tap and your tankless water heater kicks into gear. It immediately starts to pull in water that it heats and sends your way. This has about the same time delay as a storage tank system would but uses fewer resources to do the same job.

The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless systems won’t be the right fit for every home. However, if a tankless system does fit your home’s hot water needs, it can offer you some great benefits. These can include:

  • Less water usage: Because a tankless system only runs when you need it, the system will use gallons less water than a storage tank system might.
  • Lower energy use: Because a tankless water heater only runs when you need it, this means it uses much less energy than a storage system that may encounter standby heat loss.
  • Less space: No tank means less space is needed for this system, saving you square footage. You can save even more with a wall-mounted unit!
  • No wasted hot water: With a tankless system, there is never any hot water that won’t be used up because it only creates hot water exactly when it is needed.

How to Tell a Tankless System May Be Good For Your Home

We want to be clear that tankless systems aren’t going to be a good fit for every home. While the standby heat loss that a storage tank system encounters is bothersome, so is the inability of a tankless system to keep up with high hot water demands.

Tankless water heaters can get overwhelmed if the hot water needs for your home are too much. For example, a household with five people may be better off with a storage tank system than a tankless system. And that’s okay because storage tank water heaters have gotten more energy-efficient too!

Make sure that you get the hot water heater that meets your needs best by talking with a professional plumber. They know how to assess your hot water usage to ensure that you get the right system installed, tank or tankless!

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