You want your heater to work this winter to keep your home nice and comfortable. But you also want it to work consistently and with energy efficiency in mind. The good news is that all of this is possible. You just have to prioritize heating maintenance and heating repair in St. Charles, MO ahead of any major heating problems or a breakdown.

And now is a great time to think about heater service so that your system is ready for the holidays. You can keep reading to learn our top tips for keeping your heater running all season long. If you do find that you need service, you can always give our team a call. We can answer your questions or schedule a service call to your house.

Prioritizing Professional Service

Did you schedule heater maintenance in the spring after last winter season? If not, you need to schedule the service now ahead of the coming winter season. Annual maintenance for your heater is crucial to how well it is able to operate. When you schedule professional maintenance, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your heater is in the best possible condition to keep your home warm all winter long.

But skipping out on the service could mean that you wind up scheduling a repair appointment if your heater breaks down later in the season. Sometimes there are problems inside of the system that you don’t know about until it’s too late. Professional maintenance is an opportunity for our team to address those small problems so you don’t have to worry about them later on.

Keeping Up With Homeowner Maintenance

It is equally important for you to complete your own monthly homeowner maintenance tasks. For example, you need to change the air filter out on time every 1-3 months. If the air filter traps too much dust and dirt, it can get clogged and prevent airflow from entering your heater.

You also need to do regular checks to make sure there is at least three feet of space around your heating unit itself as well as all vents around your home. It can be easy to rearrange furniture and accidentally block an air vent in the process. You can also check the outdoor unit to make sure nothing is around it and clear away any debris like sticks and leaves that have blown into it.

Knowing When to Call for Repairs

Another element of homeowner maintenance is making sure that you pay attention to how your heater operates. You should have a pretty good idea of what is considered normal for your heater. Heating cycles should be regular and your heater should only make fairly quiet and normal sounds.

If you begin to hear loud noises coming from your heater, that’s a red flag. Your heater should also never produce any bad or unusual odors. If you notice changes to how your heater cycles on and off, you should also give us a call. For example, if your heater suddenly begins to stay on for longer without turning off, or turns on and off at frequent intervals, something is wrong inside the system.

Your home may still be reasonably comfortable, but the changes in operation can put strain on the system. Even if nothing is obviously impacting heat output yet, it could in the near future. Heater service appointments are at a premium during the winter season when everything becomes an emergency. It’s better to schedule your appointment now and get ahead of the seasonal rush.

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