Spring is here and even though we’re still facing some cooler temperatures, we are looking forward to the warmth of summer. That means turning your AC on and expecting it to cool down your home no matter how hot it gets outside.

But if you did not take the time to do homeowner AC maintenance at the end of last summer, you want to do so now before the cooling season sets in. Our team is also here to help with annual air conditioning maintenance in Saint Peters, MO to help ensure your AC will run at peak performance this summer. Keep reading to learn more about AC maintenance you can do that will benefit you this summer and for years to come.

Air Filter

If you haven’t changed your air filter regularly in the past, this is the year to begin doing so. Your air filter has the potential to help your air conditioner be much more efficient by blocking out dust and dirt. Of course, this also helps your indoor air quality so that those particles are not continually recirculating.

But when you don’t change your air filter regularly, that leaves you with the potential to block airflow into your AC system which can do more damage than just dust and dirt. Find a way to make sure that you change your air filter every 1-3 months during the cooling season.

Outside Unit

You also want to take the time to inspect your outdoor unit. If there’s any debris around, clear it away. Use gentle water pressure from your outdoor hose to clean off the condenser coils. Dust and dirt can build up in these coils and block heat from being able to release outside. If the grass has grown up high around it, it’s time to mow it down.

Air Vents

You also want to take a look at all of your indoor air vents. They should all be open and free from any furniture or boxes that could be blocking airflow. You may be tempted to close your air vents in an attempt to provide additional cooling to other areas of your home, but it doesn’t really work that way. Instead, you’re just losing out on cold air blowing into your home. And if the furniture is blocking your air vents, it’ll cause your system to work harder to produce the same cooling results.


You also want to take a look at your thermostat. If you don’t already have a smart thermostat that connects to Wi-Fi, it’s a great time to upgrade. Otherwise, you want to make sure that when you switch to cooling on your thermostat, the AC turns on and begins cooling as it should.

If you want to take this an extra step further, you can buy an indoor thermometer and measure the temperature to make sure that your AC is truly keeping up with your temperature expectations. If there is a discrepancy, then there may be a problem with your AC that needs to be checked out by our team of professionals.

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