Now isn’t the time when you want to discover a problem with your air conditioner. However, summer is the season when your AC sees the largest amount of strain and, as a result, is the most susceptible to repair needs.

If and when you need to get your air conditioner fixed up, you’ll want to get this problem taken care of quickly. That’s where our team comes in. Our team can help you figure out if you need an air conditioner repair in Wildwood, MO and get the job done in a timely manner. That way you can get back to enjoying a cool home again.

5 Indicators Your AC Needs Repairs

If you notice any of these warning signs, or you pick up on other problems with your AC unit, make sure to talk to a professional to get the system examined.

  1. Reduced airflow: Weakened airflow is going to undermine your air conditioner’s ability to properly cool the house. It could be caused by a dirty air filter which is easy to fix (in fact, we encourage changing the filter once every couple of months to avoid this.) It may also be created by a leak in your ducts or a problem with your blower fan.
  2. Increased energy bills: Another sign of trouble is that your energy bills have increased, even if the use of your AC hasn’t. An increased energy bill may indicate that there is a problem in your system, hindering the cooling cycle and causing it to work harder to get the job done.
  3. Hot and cold spots: As you go through your home, do you notice some areas or rooms are warmer than others? These hot and cold spots indicate a problem with your air conditioner. The system either isn’t producing cooled air properly or isn’t distributing it correctly.
  4. Short cycling: This is a term used to refer to when your system has an interrupted cooling cycle. Rather than running around 15 minutes, instead, your system will shut off after a few minutes. This will lead to poor comfort and increased energy bills. It will also lead to increased repair needs.
  5. Concerning noises: Another warning sign of trouble in your AC unit is when it begins to create loud and concerning sounds. There are the usual sounds such as whooshing or a click when the system turns on, but what about the sounds that you don’t want to hear? Noises such as hissing, continuous clicking, screeching, rattling or even silence are all indicators of trouble.

Come To Us For Your Repairs

When it comes to getting a malfunctioning air conditioner, you need an expert to get things working right again. Whether your system is making loud and worrying sounds or you are noticing issues with the temperature of the air your system produces, then you should reach out to our team to get the issue resolved.

Contact the HVAC experts on the team at Swiss Air Heating & Cooling, LLC to get your system repairs. Warm People Cool Ideas Quality Solutions.

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