Getting a bill at the end of the month that is far higher than expected can throw off a lot of things, not to mention it can ruin your whole day. This is especially true of your energy bills. As we head into the heating season you thankfully won’t have to worry about excessive AC use driving up your energy bills. However, the issue may transfer over to running your heating system.

You can “boo” your energy bills all you want, but it won’t help in the long run. What will help are some of the tips, tricks, and services that we’ve listed below. Keeping your HVAC systems in prime condition and adopting some best practices will go a long way in keeping your monthly dues manageable.

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills Affordable

Looking to shave a few dollars off your monthly energy bills? Here are some different ways to improve your energy efficiency without losing out on your comfort.

1. Address air leaks around doors and windows.

Leaks around your windows and doors can allow the heated air inside of your home to escape much faster, increasing the amount of work your heater has to do. Check your windows and doors to see if you feel any air leaks around them. If so make sure to address them with either weatherstripping or caulk to seal things up and keep that warm air indoors.

2. Let some light in the house.

Sunlight can warm things up in your house which is exactly why we advise keeping things darker during the summertime. When things cool off, make sure to take advantage of the heat from natural sunlight. Opening blinds and curtains to light up the home also warms things up a bit, helping ease that strain on your heater.

3. Make sure all vents are clean, clear, and open.

Blocked or closed vents can ruin your comfort, harm your heater, and increase your monthly bills. Take a tour around your home and check those vents to make sure none of them are open and have nothing in front of them. Wipe down your vents for good measure, too!

4. Remember to change your air filter.

You should change your air filter once every one to three months, no matter what. If you haven’t already made time to check and possibly change out your air filter, try to knock this out soon. Clean air filters make a world of difference for your system’s efficiency and your comfort.

Schedule heating system maintenance.

Last but not least, make sure to schedule maintenance for your heating system soon. This vital service will help ensure your heater works efficiently and effectively this season with as few repair needs as possible over the course of its lifespan.

Whenever you need reliable, professional HVAC service in Wildwood, MO, you can always come to us. We provide lifetime repair warranties and prompt 24/7 responses to all our customers. We will always work with you to manage your energy bills too.

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