It’s been a little while since you’ve turned your furnace on. It gets chilly, you turn on the thermostat, and hear an orchestra of clunky sounds that you don’t recall hearing last year. Your furnace isn’t doing what it’s supposed to and there’s an obvious problem.

These noises spell certain problems for your furnace, depending on the severity of the noise and how long it’s gone on. Let’s find out if you have to call for furnace repair in Maryland Heights, MO or if your furnace is okay in the meantime.

Extremely Loud Chirping Sounds

A bit of chirping when you first turn your furnace on for the season is normal, but not if it continues. This could be your mounting plate rubbing against the furnace’s blower wheel, which causes rapid damage if left unchecked.

Rattling Noises

Your furnace makes noise when it first turns on, and you may hear a bump or groan from the system every now and again. It’s a combustion-based system; it’s not a perfectly consistent experience the way that an electric furnace may be.

When those noises become more frequent or louder is when you have a problem. Rattling could mean there are loose bolts in the access hatch. The rattling is likely to be from constant vibrations during operation, which alludes to issues with your motor’s fan belt or other parts coming loose.

Constant and Persistent Clicking

This is where things get serious. This clicking sound you’re hearing could be your heat exchanger, which means there’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a slow leak in your home.

This occurs when the air pressure changes within your furnace, but normally the sound isn’t something you can hear. Cracks in the heat exchanger could be allowing the sound to escape, which is your first indicator to call a technician. Do not assess the damage or issue on your own if you hear this clicking sound.

High-Pitched Screeching

This is the wailing sound of metal scraping against metal. It’s a dry, loud sound that signals wear and tear within the system. A little bit of this will happen as certain metal components in your furnace wear down, which tells you it’s time for maintenance or a repair call depending on when you normally get annual maintenance visits.

Your blower fan has metal bearings that need to be lubricated. When that lubrication wears down from time and use, the dry metal grinds down. This can cause significant damage to your furnace over a short amount of time if left unchecked. It’s best to power down your furnace while you wait for a technician to help with this issue.

Bye-Bye, Noisy Furnace

Now that you know what your furnace is going through, it’s time to schedule a repair technician to assess the situation as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more damage can be done. It’s time to say goodbye to the unsettling noises that your furnace keeps making.

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