If you hear it once then it is likely to occur more and more often. It may even get worse. Water hammer describes a plumbing issue that you want to resolve quickly. Why? Because leaving it unaddressed can lead to the need for major plumbing system repairs.

When you notice this distinct and understandably worrying sound, make sure to contact a plumber in Saint Charles, MO to address the problem. To help you feel as comfortable as possible about making that call, we’ve provided some of the details that you may want to know about what water hammer is and why it’s a problem.

What You Might Hear

Maybe you aren’t sure if what you are hearing is really water hammer. This noise is most often going to be created right after a faucet or another tap is shut off. It will sound like, well, something hammering inside of your walls. Some even compare this noise to a jackhammer-like sound.

The Cause of Water Hammer

Your plumbing system is built in a way that provides a cushion for the water after a tap is turned off. This cushion helps the water supply to shift around after a tap is closed, rather than slamming into the valve. When those cushions disappear, it will create an effect that reverberates through your pipes and creates that hammering noise.

The Impact of Water Hammer

“Okay so there’s a little more noise, why is that a problem?”

Much like how a concerning noise in your air conditioner is actually a cause for concern, water hammer is a sign of a problem that will have worsening effects on your plumbing system. Over time, water hammer will lead to

  • Pump and flow damage: The intense shock of the water can lead to worn-out valves and pumps that are damaged more and more each time they are hit.
  • Harm to pipe connections: The connections and fittings of your pipes can sustain damage over time that lead to leaks from your pipes.
  • Ruptured or burst pipes: This is likely one of the worst results because it is the most damaging to your home and the most expensive to repair. A burst pipe can cause flooding and subsequent water damage in your house.

Like we said, just because this sound may not seem urgent doesn’t mean that you should ignore it!

Get Your Plumbing Back In Order Today

When a problem like water hammer arises in your plumbing system, you are going to be better off having a professional plumber be the one to check your system out. They can identify what the cause of the issue is first and foremost. From there a professional will provide the best possible solution that will fix the issue and any other problems it may have caused, such as a leak.

Working with a pro is something that you should be able to do easily. And the team at Swiss Air Heating & Cooling, LLC is going to be able to provide you with service that is simple and effective.

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