We know that the temperature outside doesn’t exactly make it seem like a great idea to be without an air conditioner right this moment. However, we are big on the idea of planning ahead.

See, your air conditioner may be struggling to make it through the tail end of the summer season. And this fact may become even more apparent to you in the coming weeks. So it is a great idea to plan ahead to upgrade your air conditioner once the temperature starts its shift towards fall and winter weather.

Oh, and we’d advise giving your heater a thought too. The “off-season” is that sweet spot between when the weather is too hot and too cold. And it is truly the best time of year to get an upgrade for any part of your O’Fallon, MO HVAC system.

The Indicators That You Need an Air Conditioner Upgrade

Firstly, let’s talk about what the indicators are that you actually need an upgraded air conditioner. This way, you can start preparing yourself for the service that you need to schedule for your home.

  • System age: When your air conditioner reaches between 10 to 15 years of age, it is a good idea to get ready to upgrade it. This is especially true if your AC unit is aging and exhibiting signs that it is struggling to do its job.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency: An air conditioner that is no longer effective at cooling your house and/or cannot cool your home efficiently is going to be in need of an upgrade, especially if you’ve kept up on maintenance.
  • Repair price and frequency: Repairs are unavoidable but that doesn’t mean they should be frequent. If you need repairs each year, your AC needs to be replaced. Additionally, if the price of a repair could cover half the cost of an upgrade, your money is better spent on the new system.

Why Upgrade When We Are Heading Into Heating Season

Let’s say that it is looking like you do in fact need to upgrade your air conditioning system. Why does it when you are only likely to need the system for a few weeks? This is because getting a replacement during the off-season saves you a lot of trouble for the next cooling season, not to mention taking stress off your plate if there is a surprise heatwave.

Speaking of Heating Season, Do You Need a New Heater?

Yes, we are approaching the heating season. Maybe you don’t just need a new AC. Perhaps you are worried about the coming cooler weather because your heater hasn’t been at its best either. Why not take the time to consider replacing both systems at once? You can do this with a heat pump or even a ductless heat pump.

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