We are in the midst of the summer so it might seem like an odd time to get a tune-up for your heat pump mini split. However, now is a great time to get this job done. And we can give you multiple reasons why.

Maintenance for your HVAC system in O’Fallon is going to help you get the most from your heat pump. That includes the best level of efficiency and the best effectiveness. This should come as great news since your heat pump serves as both your AC and your heater!

Here’s what you should know about the benefits of regular and even late heat pump maintenance.

How Heat Pump Maintenance Helps You In Multiple Ways

Heat pumps offer impressive comfort control thanks to their incredible technology. That said, these systems still need regular upkeep just the same as other mechanical systems. Here are the perks that come from maintenance for this system, even when it is late!

  • Energy efficiency: System maintenance can help prevent the loss of the efficiency of your heat pump. Each year, your heat pump stands to lose up to 5% of its efficiency level. Thankfully, regular tune-ups can help your system avoid this loss. In fact, if you get a tune-up each year, you might be able to keep up to 95% of the heat pump’s original efficiency level.
  • Cooling effectiveness: The small issues that can build up in your heat pump can hinder its ability to cool down your home. Thankfully, even late tune-ups can help to help address those small problems. This service can help to keep your system cooling your home effectively because of this.
  • Repair frequency: Addressing the issues in your system that would hinder the cooling process won’t just help improve your comfort. This will also reduce the frequency and even the severity of the repairs that need to be done. In fact, system maintenance can prevent up to 85% of the repair needs it might encounter over the course of its lifespan.
  • Lifespan length: Yes, maintenance can even help optimize the lifespan of your heat pump. This can mean the difference between a heat pump that barely lasts 10 years before needing a replacement and one that can make it to 15 years old before it starts to wear down.

A Bonus: Maintenance Now Can Help You Year-Round

Your heat pump mini split has the unique ability to both cool and heat your home. That is why maintenance can actually help you stay comfortable year-round. While there are aspects of your system that are addressed only in a heating tune-up, there are also several aspects of your system that will be taken care of when given maintenance even during the cooling system.

Keeping your heat pump in good condition will only benefit you if you have this system service taken care of by a professional. That is what our team is here to help with.

Need help with your heat pump system? Schedule heat pump maintenance or repairs with Swiss Air Heating & Cooling, LLC. Warm People Cool Ideas Quality Solutions.

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