Have you heard about the option of ductless heating in O’Fallon, MO? If you were raised in homes with a furnace heater or boiler, a ductless heating system might seem like a joke. You might think it is silly to think these systems can handle our wintertime weather. But the reality is that they can tackle our winter chill effectively and easily.

Ductless system technology has come a long way. What that means is that these systems are now making whole-house comfort a possibility for all kinds of houses. Older or smaller homes that couldn’t accommodate ductwork and had to rely on space heaters before now have a real, legitimate heating system option.

Ready to learn if this system is a good fit for you? Read on to figure out if you should go ductless today.

Great Reasons To Go Ductless Today

Don’t just switch to a ductless system because we tell you that it’s a good idea. See for yourself if this system is exactly what you’re looking for.

  • No ducts needed. Let’s start with the obvious. Ductless systems are whole-home comfort systems that don’t need ductwork to get their job done. This means they work well for smaller spaces (like a studio apartment) or older homes that can’t accommodate ductwork. They are also great to install in new additions to a home that you’d prefer not to extend ductwork out to!
  • They are a heat pump system. Ductless systems are a type of heat pump. This means that they are compact and can provide year-round comfort as they move heat. What’s more, it means that they come with the incredible energy efficiency level that heat pumps are known for.
  • They can take the place of two systems. Are you looking for a new heater and also trying to figure out the system that will keep your home cool? Then a ductless system is a great option. Ductless mini splits are able to move heat into and out of your house so they can serve as both your heater and your air conditioner.
  • They are a space saver. With a ductless system, you need enough space to accommodate an outdoor unit (usually half the size of a central AC condenser) and space for the systems air handlers. Ductless systems are ideal for anyone looking to save space. They are even more effective at this thanks to the variety of air handlers types you can choose from (ceiling cassette, wall-mounted, and more).

Getting a new type of system installed in your home is no small task. But it helps make the decision easier when you know that the system you are installing has all these benefits and more. It also helps to know that this system can provide great energy savings that allow it to pay for itself in a matter of years.

Ready to add a ductless system to your home? If so, make sure to work with the pros to get the job done right!

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