You might know about scheduling tune-ups for a traditional tank water heater. But what about your tankless water heater? Having a professional look at your tankless water heater once each year and completing maintenance tasks is crucial for your tankless water heater to be able to provide the best results.

No matter how long you’ve skipped out on the valuable service, there’s no better time than now to schedule a tankless water heater service in Saint Charles, MO. It’s even a great way to extend your tankless water heater’s lifespan so it can last your family longer. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of professional maintenance for your tankless water heater, including what might happen if you bypass the service.

Cleaning the Air Filter

You may be surprised to find out that your tankless water heater has an air filter. But air is just as important to the process of heating water as any other factor. Without adequate airflow, the tankless water heater cannot meet your expectations. Since the filter isn’t very big to begin with, it can get clogged easily.

Ideally, you want to clean out this air filter once each month. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can have a member of our team walk through the process during a tankless water heater service appointment. Then you will know how to do it in the future. But even if you clean it regularly every single month, we will still check it as part of our annual inspection. We want to make sure that everything is working as it should, air filter included.

Cleaning the Water Filter

Cleaning the water filter is equally important. If your home has hard water with high mineral content, these tiny minerals can get trapped in the water filter. Actually, that’s the whole point of the water filter. But when too many particles build up, they block the flow of water.

Just like the air filter, you need to rinse out the water filter about once each month. It’s a good practice to ensure that your tankless water heater is always working at its best. Also just like the air filter, we can walk you through the steps of cleaning out the water filter so you can feel confident completing the task each month.

Flushing the System

Inevitably some of the minerals from hard water make their way through the filter and into the tankless water heater. Although the minerals are extremely tiny, they can build up to create a layer of sediment as time goes on. Since your tankless water heater is not very big to begin with, this sentiment can have an impact rather quickly. We will flush out your tankless water heater to eliminate the existing sediment buildup and give the unit a fresh start.

Of course, unless you address hard water at the source by installing a water softener in your home, sediment will continue to build up inside your tankless water heater. This is one reason that annual maintenance is so crucial. Not only can sediment block water flow and even the heating elements from getting water as warm as you like, but the sediment can also cause corrosion on the inside of your tankless water heater.

Checking for Issues

Aside from these normal maintenance steps, we also want to take a good look at your entire tankless water heater. We will assess all of the pipes leading into and out of the unit as well as valves and other attachments. If we notice that anything needs to be tightened or replaced, we will talk to you about the needs and get the issues fixed.

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