Ductless air conditioners are a newer technology that is rapidly becoming more popular. This is for good reason. These systems are able to offer reliable comfort to a wider variety of homes that may not have been able to enjoy a whole-house cooling system before.

Even if you have heard about ductless systems you may not have known how beneficial they can be. We want to let you know what some of the best benefits are of installing a ductless AC if you need an AC replacement in Wildwood, MO.

Ductless systems can allow you to enjoy zone control easily

We will start here because this can be surprising to some people.

Ductless systems consist of a number of air handlers that are connected to a condenser unit with condensate and refrigerant lines. These air handlers can be run in sync to provide an even temperature throughout the house or they can be run individually.

This means if you are the only one home and you just need one part of the home cooled off, you only have to run that one air handler. Similarly, the other people in the home can run their air handlers more or less according to the needs throughout the house. This can provide effective zone control without the need for a damper system set up in the ducts.

Ductless systems can provide year-round comfort solutions

If you didn’t know this already, a ductless HVAC system is a type of heat pump. This means that it has the ability to provide cooling in the summer but can then reverse its refrigerant flow to provide heating in the winter. A ductless HVAC unit can be your solution for comfort year-round which is especially helpful if you don’t have room for both an AC and a furnace.

Ductless systems offer great energy efficiency

These systems are all-electric which comes into play more in the wintertime (since they don’t need to burn gas to make heat). Overall, these systems are highly energy-efficient and can be even more eco-friendly since they don’t create emissions the way a furnace might. Ductless systems also offer better efficiency since they will never lose conditioned air through duct leaks.

A ductless system can help you save space

As we mentioned a little bit above, ductless systems consist of multiple air handlers that are connected to the outdoor unit via condensate and refrigerant conduits. This allows them to operate without the use of ductwork which has the added benefit of helping you save space.

Those air handlers can be wall-mounted or even come as a ceiling cassette to ensure they are out of the way. What’s more, these systems don’t use ductwork so you won’t have to worry about installing ducts if you don’t have room or if your home can’t accommodate them.

If a ductless HVAC system sounds like the right fit for you, reach out to our team for your AC replacement and ductless system installation.

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